Coaching and Counseling

in Virginia and Georgia


Have you tried to make progress on your own – but never seem to make real progress? Do you feel stuck or lack motivation? Does it seem like you can never get where you want to be in life?

Our coaches help our clients reach personal goals in areas like…

Family & Parenting

Dating and/or Social life

Work achievements

Overcome stress

Work-life balance

Losing weight


Relocating or moving

Finding purpose & meaning in life

Anger management

When you’re struggling to reach your goals, a coach can make all the difference.

Motivation is often at the root of the challenge. A coach helps root out the issue, create an action plan, and cheer you to success. They check in with you regularly so you don’t feel like you’re going it alone. In the end, they get actively involved and go above and beyond.  Privacy is paramount, with no notes or reporting, so you can trust what you share will be kept private. The right coach will feel like a best friend who is also a good strategist.

At The Wright Place, we also have access to advice from our counselors if the situation rises to the level of a mental health challenge. We all work together to determine if you should add or switch to Counseling.

How it Works

If you’re ready for a coach that will partner with you, schedule an assessment session. After the first assessment, your coach will establish a meeting plan with an estimated timeline for results. Your coach will usually give you “homework” – action steps that will walk you towards your goal.

You’ll regularly meet with your coach to assess what works, and adjust the plan to ensure your success. They’ll be there with you every step of the way, with a LOT of cheering you on! When you’re happy with your results we help you establish a plan to keep building on your success.


Everyone faces sadness and stress – But do you find those feelings have reached a level that is overwhelming and difficult to manage? Or maybe those feelings just never seem to go away. 

Our licensed counselors help with…



Grief & Loss


Suicidal thoughts or behavior

Marital challenges

We learn who you are and create a custom plan, chosen from research & evidence based strategies, to help you overcome these challenges.

When you meet with your counselor, you enter a safe, supportive, judgement-free place to discuss the concerns you’re faced with. We live to be a helpful professional – partnering with you through this journey to increase function and help you live a happy, fulfilling life. We believe that you are the expert on your life. We know you’re doing the best you can. You have strengths – we help you find and leverage them. We’re not looking to fix people – we’re here to help you re-orient and develop your own tools to improve your life.

We have counselors licensed in Virginia and Georgia, and we follow HIPAA privacy laws and adhere to state board requirements.

How it Works

We begin with an in-depth bio-psycho-social assessment. We rely on the research we have studied to identify how your challenges fit proven patterns, but we also look carefully to find what makes them unique. In this way we can use evidence-based treatments, but appropriately customize it to you as an individual.

In our sessions we’ll help you better understand what you’re going through and how to best address it.

After the initial assessment, together we’ll decide how often we should meet. If you’ve been faced with trauma, we usually start by meeting weekly to develop strategies and assess their effectiveness. Once we find an effective plan, appointments will usually shift to biweekly. And then monthly as you approach a maintenance stage. When you’re ready we can plan longer-term check-ins or discharge you completely. Still, we’re always delighted to get updates or meet again with clients down the road.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP Services)

We’re highly experienced in solution-focused short-term counseling. We help employees quickly develop the skills they need when there are issues at work or personal issues that affect work. Some employers have insurance which covers this, usually for four to twelve sessions. Some insurance companies which offer this include Cigna, Aetna, Magellan Health, Military OneSource, Lyra Health, and Anthem.

Workshops & Groups

If you want to help your team build trust and improve teamwork, a shared, positive group experience will jumpstart that. A guided group session or workshop will create tangible long-term benefits for your team.

Do you sometimes feel like no one really understands you? Are you looking for someone who has faced similar experiences that you can just share with? Someone who understands it because they have lived it themselves. In a workshop or group, you can learn from the experiences of others.

We Can Help! We Offer…

  • Workshops that are open to the public.

  • Private workshops for companies or teams.

  • Private group sessions for businesses or organizations.

  • Closed small-group sessions by invitation only.

A Workshop or a Group?

If you’re looking for a hands-on experience with demonstrations and activities a workshop is right for you. Workshops typically last between two and four hours.

If you’re looking for a discussion and sharing based experience, a group session is a great fit. Our counselor will facilitate discussion and encourage interaction among the group. Groups events can range anywhere from one to two hours.

Common topics for Workshops and Groups include…

Team Building

Marital or Pre-marital

Anger management


Stress Management

Youth Groups

Dating and/or Social life


Finding purpose & meaning in life

Speaking Engagements

For tips or teaching, our coaches and licensed counselors are available for public speaking engagements, whether virtual or in-person. We’re available for:

Keynote Speaker

Conference breakout presentations

Lunch & Learn

Panel Discussions