Relationship Coaching

Pre-Marital & Marital Coaching

Using the extensively researched Prepare-Enrich Program, couples increase their understanding of their relational dynamics, personalities, areas of strength and growth areas. Specific topics to be discussed include but are not limited to:

šŸ”¹Marriage Roles
šŸ”¹Children and ParentingĀ 
šŸ”¹Family RelationshipsĀ 
šŸ”¹Intimacy and Sex
The program starts with a $35 assessment payable via credit card and completed on the Prepare-Enrich website. Then the couple attendsĀ (5) 1 hour sessions for a total cost of $500 payable at the first session. Additional sessions priced at $100 each are available as needed. Completion certificates are provided by request.Ā 


Short-term Solution Focused Counseling provided in 8-12 sessions for clients living in Virginia, Georgia and Washington, DC.

Counseling platforms/EAP insurances include:
šŸ”¹Military OneSource
šŸ”¹Carelon EAP

Self-Pay Cost:
šŸ”¹$200 – First Appointment/Assessment
šŸ”¹$150 – Additional/FollowUp Sessions

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
CISM, also called ā€œpsychological first aidā€ is a structured intervention implemented to groups or individuals exposed to trauma to decrease its impact in peopleā€™s lives. It was originally developed for combat service members and first responders but has been expanded for use with the general population to mitigate the effects of trauma including grief and loss.

CISM services are best delivered within 1 to 72 hours of the incident. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss details regarding the incident to customize the best approach for your needs. At that time, the cost will be estimated based on the duration of time needed, CISM services provided, number of people to support and service delivery format.

Pre-Crisis Education Services (handouts, trainings and workshops) are also available as well as a review of your company handbook to ensure staff and leadership are prepared to adequately address incidents. The Wright Place offers contract agreements that identify us as your CISM responder which increases staffā€™s confidence in the company and provides peace of mind for leaders.

Workshops and Groups

Substance Abuse Classes

This class uses the Prime for Life (PFL) curriculum to help participants who received impaired driving violations or policy violations at work or school to make low risk choices. PFL is an evidence based, motivational, judgement-free program that increases self awareness and shifts attitudes and beliefs to promote positive behavioral change.

The Wright Place offers monthly PFL classes in (2) 8 hour group in-person sessions on Saturdays which must be completed in order. The total cost is $250, includes a workbook, and is payable at the time of registration. Participants are required to attend both classes in their entirety in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you are late or unable to attend a class, you will have to reschedule for the next class. The payment is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a future class.

The Wright Place also offers a shorter PFL curriculum for people ages 13 and up who have not been identified as making high risk choices but who could benefit from prevention education. The class is 4 1/2 hours and available upon request.

All classes are offered on site. However, certified PFL facilitators are able to deliver the program at your school, youth group, nonprofit, business, organization or church. The cost depends on the number of attendees, location/distance and supplies required.

Vision Board Brunch

This event is held yearly around mid-December. It includes a full brunch meal, supplies, a speaker and opportunities to share your goals and exchange ideas with the group. The purpose of the workshop is to express your goals creatively and visually in an inspirational setting.

Self-Care and Wellness Groups

These groups meet weekly for an hour and 15 minutes for a month and serve as both an educational workshop and support group. The facilitator provides information about self-care and wellness while allowing participants time to share their experiences, challenges and goals. By the end of the group, each participant will have developed a personalized self-care plan that fits their needs, personality, budget and schedule.

Cost: $30 per group
Contact Us to be added to the participant list for the next group

Anxiety: Tools and Tips
These groups meet weekly for an hour and 15 minutes for a month and serve as both an educational workshop and support group. The facilitator provides information about anxiety while allowing participants time to share their successes and challenges with managing anxiety. Tips, tools and strategies will be introduced and demonstrated where applicable. This group is not meant to replace therapy but can be a great addition to therapy or a useful approach while waiting to start therapy.

Cost: $30 per group
Contact Us to be added to the participant list for the next group

Men’s Group
This is an open weekly group for all men designed to provide a supportive space where men can exchange dialogue with other men about the various aspects of their lives. Men are encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts and in turn, they are seen, heard and validated. The men can also expect to be respectfully challenged for accountability and growth purposes. Attending this group will facilitate healing and help men develop relational skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and confidence. This group is considered a brotherhood that is healthy, fun and engaging.

Cost: $25 per group
Contact Us to be added to the participant list for the next group

***All groups and workshops are held on site. Facilitators can also lead these groups at another site when booked and requested by businesses, organizations, schools, nonprofits, youth organizations, and churches. Please inquire about other mental health, skill building and wellness topics of interest. Groups and workshops can be curated to meet your specific needs. Contact Us.

Speaking Engagements

Bobby and Syreeta Wright are available for bookings for speaking engagements. Whether it’s an interview, keynote speech, conference, podcast or panel discussion, The Wrights are ready and willing to show up authentically and passionately to discuss all things wellness, mental health, and relationships. Contact Us.